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Voluntary alternatives to conventional mental health services rooted in community, advocacy, and empowerment.

Another Way is a Community Center in Montpelier, Vermont. We provide voluntary alternatives to conventional mental health services. We offer a variety of supports and provide resources for people to lead vibrant lives as valued members of an encouraging, inspiring community.

Our building is located on 125 Barre Street in downtown Montpelier. We are grateful to have a beautiful kitchen, art space, exercise room, music room, community room, library, and quiet space. We also have an outdoor meeting area located in our permaculture garden.

Our primary mission is to cater to the needs of psychiatric survivors; people who’ve been diagnosed or labeled as mentally ill, received mental health services or were subjected to psychiatric intervention. At Another Way you will find opportunities to explore holistic health, well-being, and creative expression. In addition, Another Way is a place to just come and hang out! Through the combined efforts of our community and staff, we are able to provide advocacy, outreach, information, referrals, crisis intervention, access to housing resources, peer support, supported employment, and educational opportunities. We support over a hundred people a month, seven days a week, and consider ourselves fertile ground for the hopes and dreams of our community.

We look forward to meeting you!