Another Way welcomes everyone and our resources are free. We are what is known as a “Wet” or “Damp” house and this means folks are allowed to visit us under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. but they cannot bring or use alcohol / illicit substances on the premises. Folks who are under the influence will be beholden to the same “House Agreements” that all community members have drawn up and adopted. The House Agreements are rooted in a code of conduct that supports our mission of being a “safe and friendly place to share community” and are as follows:

  1. We agree that we’re an environment free of alcohol and illicit drugs.

  2. We agree to use tobacco products, including vapes, OFF Another Way premises.

  3. We agree that we’re an environment free of aggression, including physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual aggression.

  4. We agree to honor each other's personal space; ask before touching. Please be extra respectful of people’s “boundaries”.

  5. We agree NOT to gossip. If you have a conflict with another person at Another Way please talk with them directly or ask staff to mediate. Please don’t talk about people behind their back.

  6. No theft or property destruction. We are a community of shared resources and we agree to treat those resources respectfully.

  7. We agree to be responsible for our personal belongings and be aware that they cannot be stored at Another Way.

  8. We agree to be respectful of our neighbors, being mindful of the noise we make, our language choice in their presence, and not littering or trespassing on their property.

  9. We agree to be respectful of chemical sensitivities, including perfumes.

  10. We agree that Staff are stewards responsible for upholding our agreements. Any staff may ask you to leave if they feel your actions are making Another Way an unsafe or disrespectful environment.